Alicia Noel - Founder and Managing Director 

Alicia Noel believes that everyone in the world should have access to safe, quality food. She lived in Beijing from 2008 through 2014, where she saw a string of food safety scandals cause illness and concern about the food supply chain. This led her to research and speak publicly about sustainable agriculture and food safety.

The experience started her thinking about how we can improve traceability and transparency. As she learned more about blockchain technology she realized that the documentation and immutable record which blockchains provide give us the tools to do that. Alicia founded consultancy Cultivati Inc. to help organizations understand how blockchain is being used around the world to address a range of challenges in food supply chains. Since returning to the US, she has consulted with a range of organizations on food safety issues in China, operations, governance, communications and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Alicia is also a mentor with food business accelerator Food-X and the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition Decentralized Impact Incubator and an advisor and judge for sustainable seafood business competition Fish 2.0.