Cultivati provides customized food and beverage supply chain research and advisory services, with a focus on food supply chains in China and blockchain traceability initiatives.

We cannot live without food. This holds true for all people, no matter where we live or who we are. Food and water security, and food safety, are critical to our wellbeing. At the same time, most people in developed regions now know little about where our food comes from or how our food is cultivated - whether we eat an omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan or organic diet.  

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘culturati' as ‘people intensely interested in cultural affairs’, and ‘cultivate’ as 'to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops’, 'to foster the growth of, and 'to improve by labor, care, or study’. We propose we adopt the word ‘cultivati’ - people intensely interested in how our food is cultivated and brought to us - whether through traditional agriculture, a science lab, or something in between.